3 Modern Essentials Your Partner Wants to See in Your Bedside Drawer

Times are changing. While many couples have been enjoying them for decades, it's finally no longer considered awkward or embarrassing to introduce adult accessories, like Kama Sutra oil of love, into your bedroom by the general population. You have popular books and movies specifically themed around sex to thank for this—but whether you're a fan or not, you can still reap the benefits of society's belated decision to come around to this particular market. Your partner can, too. Here are three things you should be absolutely sure to keep in stock in your bedside drawer.

Massage Oils

Perfect for both foreplay and for a treat after a long day at work, these specialist oils turn a kind and welcome gesture into a real experience that feels both professional and luxurious. You can find oils in a variety of scents and flavours to suit your tastes, and the better options will even warm up on your skin. It's all the relaxation of a spa, but in a much more intimate environment. Just be sure to choose a water-based oil; they're easier to wash out of sheets, and they will not degrade any silicon-based sex toys they come into contact with.

High-Grade Lubricant

All lubricants are not made equal. You absolutely get what you pay for—so having a high-grade, high-quality lubricant in your bedside drawer will really make a difference. This should not be interchangeable with your massage oil; keep the two separate, and use each for its intended purpose. However, you should follow the same rule as you do with massage oils; water-based lubricants are preferable over those that are silicon-based, and they are just as effective.

Tingling Balm

These salves can be applied to any part of the body to create a noticeable tingling feeling. They are inexpensive but are great for adding sensation or changing things up. They are not to be confused with pheromones or performance-enhancers, which are generally unproven and should be approached with caution; tingle balms are generally made with menthol as an ingredient, which helps to create a sensation, and they do work.

While every couple is different, these three things can be considered 'basics' that almost everybody can enjoy and make use of. They may not be of basic quality, but having them to hand is a great way of ensuring that you're prepared for a romantic evening in at all times. That's the kind of forward planning that your partner will really thank you for.