Does Your Restaurant Need a New Point of Sale System?

A restaurant's point of sale or POS system is very important, as this is the system that communicates between wait staff and kitchen staff and of course prepares a customer's bill. An outdated system can slow down this flow of service, while also failing to offer all the features that can actually make business easier for you and your staff overall. Note a few signs that your restaurant needs a new point of sale system, and the features to look for in a new system.

1. Your servers take too long entering orders into a POS system

Your servers should be able to quickly enter orders into your system and then get back to their customers and other responsibilities. If your system isn't very user friendly or actually offers the servers too many options that they need to scroll through to enter an order, this can slow down service.

An updated POS system may have standard orders or options for a server, and they would only need to go through other options for special orders or changes to how a dish is normally prepared. This system may also have the most popular options on the menu at the front of the POS system, so servers can find those quickly and easily, and this can also save them valuable seconds and even minutes in finding and entering orders into the system.

2. Your online customers click away before completing an order

Many restaurants today allow customers to place an order online for easy and convenient pickup. However, if your customers click away in the middle of preparing an order, it may be that your POS system is not user-friendly or is very slow. As with a server entering an order, if it takes too long for a customer to go through options or the system is difficult to understand, he or she might easily close up the system and choose another business. Your POS system should be monitoring customers who close their order before completing it, and in some cases, your POS system may need a complete online ordering overhaul.

3. You're manually entering any information into another system

A restaurant's POS system should keep track of payroll and employee timecards, inventory levels, vendor pricing and everything else needed to run your business. If you're manually entering any of this information into another system, you are simply wasting time by not using a POS system that should function as a "one stop shop" for all your records and accounting needs.